The People You Meet

Each day we meet many people for the first and last time. We will never see them again – and they will never see us again, either. The larger the city or country we live in, the more this happens. The smaller the place we live in, the more likelihood we have of meeting again. However, regardless of where we live – there is one person you have to live with everyday… and that is yourself. If you do something that isn’t 100% – the people you meet may not know. You will know – and can’t forget. Make yourself proud.

One thought on “The People You Meet

  1. It never occur to me that while I am concerning about what other people think of me as I meet them, I am the one who live with myself everyday! If I make an effort to be my best in front of others, why am I not doing it to myself? This is very enlightening fact.


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