Travel Broadens the Mind

One of the best ways to stretch your mind is to travel to different countries to experience different cultures and ways of life. Most people travel to places that are familiar, and in fact, return to the same places for vacation after vacation. If you live in North America, visit Asia. If you live in Asia, visit North America. Talk to the locals, visit local places and do local things.

2 thoughts on “Travel Broadens the Mind

  1. I agree – every county has it’s own point of view and looking at things. It was only when I first lived in a different country did I realize this. Travel does truly broaden and expand the mind. The funny thing I found out about this was that living in an certain culture, I just took things for granted and didn’t understand the reasons behind the traditions I grew up, just blindly followed. Living in a different places definitely give me a higher appreciation for my own traditions and culture as well as others.


  2. I definitely agree with this – I have experienced coming from a small narrow minded country town and traveling is definitely expanding my mind. I at first felt uncomfortable experiencing new cultures and ways but the more I do it the more interesting and uplifting I feel – Also the more I realize how lucky I am – if I forget and become bogged down in everyday life, seeing another culture has me appreciating my life more!


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