11 thoughts on “Dance Away Your Fears

  1. Fiona.

    Moving, dancing and connecting to music certainly has me letting go of fears and lifting my mood……I know I feel revitalised after dancing!
    Beautiful image and visual.


  2. I agree… I have been stiff and serious most of my life. Life can be more fun that I thought. Dancing is a great way to improve my mood and feel more joy… The more joy I feel, the less fear I have.

    Thank you for inspiring, Anjou!


  3. Diana

    Thank you Anjou for the lovely reminder and inspiration!!

    This is so true and challenges my old paradigm of struggle and hard work. I can dance my way to transformation! Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Certainly dancing is more effective then sitting on an antihill!!


  4. Ross

    What a beautiful picture Anjou… I look forward to more dancing! When I saw this it made me think of all the times that music and dance has transformed my mood into another zone.


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