DOW Jones Over One Week Versus Six Months


Check out this chart!  What I find interesting is that the one-week view of the Dow Jones Industrial Average looks very similar to the six-month view. The chart shows a slow decline, then a cliff, then a slow decline again. The down trend looks at first glance to be very similar.

Some conclusions:

  1. All data must be read within a larger context.
  2. Patterns are clearly repeating.
  3. The trend appears to be downwards.
  4. Have we hit bottom yet? Tell me when you figure that one out!

3 thoughts on “DOW Jones Over One Week Versus Six Months

  1. Andrea

    This strikes me as an example of the holographic effect of life. Within every small bit or chunk, is the same image as in the big bits or chunks.


  2. Fiona.

    Very interestingly similar trend in the 2 periods. I feel the downward trend will continue and not sure of when or where the bottom will be. I look forward to seeing those charts when they happen!


  3. With all the contraction and record losses happening (and still to be announced) in a lot of significant companies my opinion is that we will see a constant series of upheavals on a downward trend for sometime yet.


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