2 thoughts on “Goldzone Foundation

  1. Water Tay

    I personally believe that there is that Good in every single one of us that wants to create the change for fellow Humans, environment and the mess that Man has created in some ways. In order to do all that, and to play a bigger part, we require clarity, power, heart and synergy with others, etc to create a bigger wave to fully evoke change.

    “It starts with Me.”

    I am humbled and appreciative of you and Anjou’s efforts. And may we and many grow to play that meaningful game to bring about that Beautiful World that it is be meant to be.


  2. Thank you for creating such an educational and inspirational foundation to make a difference in other people’s lives. I find your sharing, content, reflections, quotations, and images very relevant, inspiring, and powerful. The clarity that you provide is priceless. Thank you for contributing and sharing your knowledge, experience, and wisdom.


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