9 thoughts on “Dedicated to “3 Musketeers” (You Know Who You Are)

  1. Adrian

    Just taken another view of this clip, I’m still seeking the inches and looking at the eyes of the people 6 inches in front of my face…


  2. Adrian

    What movie is this from? Its my favorite actor, Al Pacino…
    I just love it and it is as he says, inch by inch, and also moment by moment, and its in the eyes, its about team, its about love for your team and being all in it together for the same outcome, to Win!! Just brilliant. Its the Game of Life, Play on…



  3. Ross

    I love the comment about one inch at a time… every inch counts as we never know which inch is going to “tip the scales” and make the difference between winning and losing.


  4. Diana

    Thanks for sharing this powerful piece on challenges in life and doing what it takes to come through the other side a winner! Great inspiration and the power of team!!!


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