Movie: Othello

Venice, 1570.  This movie is about jealousy, betrayal and the scheming manipulations of Iago… who is supposed to be a close friend and trusted advisor to Othello.

This 1995 film is an intense adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy about the Moorish general who “loved not wisely, but too well” – and so is duped by his evil aide into thinking that his wife has been unfaithful. As war between Venetians and the Turks rages, Othello weds the beautiful Desdemona and promotes Cassio over his longtime assistant, Iago. Othello prepares to celebrate his marriage, but Iago – insanely jealous over Othello’s snub – has dastardly plans in store.

Iago begins to poison Othello’s mind against Desdemona, claiming that she’s having an affair with Cassio; he even manages to produce “proof” of the infidelity. It doesn’t take long for the jealous general to start believing Iago’s allegations, and he winds up on the path of destruction and gives into his “dark side” which is perhaps the most chilling aspect of the movie.

Very educational and will have you thinking twice about some people’s intentions and actions…

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