3-Day GOLDZONE Experience

May 20-22, 2017 – Singapore

The GOLDZONE Experience is a 3-day experiential process that will help you to take small, simple steps that will have an enormous impact on your leadership, teams, career, and business. The program uses a revolutionary system that produces measurable results across the Sixteen Dynamics of Leadership.

You will explore the connection between your personal and professional lives and learn how to integrate yourself as a whole person to achieve balance, between your work/career and personal life.

With the pace of change increasing, extra demands on our time and the pressure to perform, the amount of stress we have to cope with is sometimes unbearable!

You will learn how to dramatically reduce your stress while at the same time accelerate your productivity, effectiveness and results!

In addition to being motivated, entertained and educated you will receive tools, information, and systems that you can apply to your life and work on an ongoing basis.

You will learn about the different types of people, how to lead them, why people behave the way they do, team dynamics and how to dramatically accelerate your results.

How we cope with change and stress has a huge impact on our quality of life and our work performance.  Eventually, stress in one primary area of life will impact our performance in all areas. Over the course of three days, the Seven Most Vital Areas of life/work are explored and the interconnection between them clearly articulated.

“The Experience will give you a Quantum Leap and transformation in your RESULTS.”

The program combines a proven model of human behavior, a system to optimize performance with revolutionary delivery, teaching and coaching methods to give you a breakthrough in your leadership, business, and personal life.

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The program is exciting, motivational and stimulating, emphasizing the ability to think “outside the box,” to learn by experience, and to recognize what works and what doesn’t in business and relationships.  Gaps in results are identified and new tools, strategies, and methods are learned to bridge these gaps in the shortest time possible.

In order to infuse our companies, organizations, and professions with passion and aliveness we must become more passionate, alive and balanced ourselves.

And who couldn’t do with more FUN?

The GOLDZONE Experience is fun, entertaining, memorable, fast and leading edge.

Give Yourself a Quantum Leap!

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