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The Program is Expertly Led by HARRISON: CEO, Founder, Artist, Designer, Author, Creative Genius, World Explorer, Master Coach & Teacher

The Leader for this program is Andrew John Harrison (Harrison,) co-founder of the Goldzone body of knowledge, creator of the Optima Zones®, author of the Goldzone Education Curriculum and CEO of the Goldzone Group.

Goldzone Leadership Center is a member of the Goldzone Group, which operates across a diverse range of industries including; Investment Management, Design, Marketing Services, Social Media, Enterprise Software, Professional Services, Publishing, Consulting and Education.

Harrison’s vision, passion and commitment to extraordinary standards of service excellence have become hallmarks of his tenure and defining characteristics of the Goldzone Group.

An innovative leader, creative thinker, visionary, entrepreneur, master-teacher, master-coach, creative writer, poet and philosopher, Harrison has lived in 7 countries, travelled to more than 50 countries, captivated live audiences worldwide and is highly sought after for fresh ideas and simple solutions by CEO’s, leaders and high-performance individuals.

Over a twenty-year period, Harrison has met and hired many well-known leaders and developed a corporate client list that reads like a “who‘s who” of business, including many of the world’s top companies.

With an extraordinary reputation for dramatically transforming overall results of leaders, high net-worth individuals and corporations, Harrison has personally advised CEO’s, entrepreneurs and investors on a wide range of strategic business dynamics including; vision, core values, ethics, board leadership, corporate compliance, personal and market leadership, personal paradigms, information technology, capital structure, raising capital, finance & accounting, expansion, systems, sales, marketing and human resources.

When Harrison speaks, people listen. A riveting, memorable public speaker and master communicator, Harrison has designed, produced and presented over 400 seminars, talks and engagements with live audiences up to 5,000.

Besides founding more than twenty companies, Harrison is perhaps best known for his ability to articulate complex ideas, strategies and concepts in a way that anyone can understand and act upon. Combining practical real-world experience with the theoretical to produce dynamic, usable techniques and strategies is one of his unique gifts.

A demonstration of love in action, Harrison believes that spiritual principles should be lived moment to moment and infused in everything we do. Often tough choices need to be made… these are all the easier with Harrison’s unique way of using humor and entertainment to make it easy and fun.

Harrison has researched, developed and written over 200 articles, bulletins and white papers, created proprietary Zone Teaching & Zone Learning Technologies™, the Optima Zones of Life and Business®, Renaissance for Leaders® Knowledge bank, Optima Seminars®, Optima Coaching®, as well as intellectual property rights to 97 seminars, training programs, certification programs and services ranging from 4-hours to 12-months in duration.

Goldzone builds and develops dedicated, custom-built, leadership training centers that set a new standard of excellence, integrated technology, aesthetic environment and “five-star service.” Under Harrison‘s leadership, Goldzone’s mission is to continually advance and improve new-paradigm leadership technology, and to inspire, educate and support people to step into leadership based on partnership, cooperation and team. The Company is committed to a long-term view, reflected in its substantial investment in creative design, aesthetic facilities and ongoing research and development.

Now you can experience this extraordinary leader live and in person.  You will be inspired, expanded and challenged to look at your life, career and business in a whole new way.

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