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Question & Answer with HARRISON

 What is the 3-Day GOLDZONE Experience?
May 14-16, 2016 – Bali, Indonesia

Transformational. Revolutionary. Engaging. Uplifting. Awesome. Spectacular. Unforgettable.

These are words we often here from people who have invested three days with Harrison (Andrew John Harrison) at a luxury resort nestled on the golden sand beach of one of the world’s best islands.

This detailed Q&A outlines what one can expect from the Experience, the background, how it works and why would busy and time stressed leaders and motivated individuals invest the money, time and energy to participate.

Harrison (Andrew John Harrison) is CEO & Co-founder of the Goldzone Group. The GOLDZONE Experience was created by Harrison and Anjou MacPherson. Anjou was an inspiration for making the most out of life, and despite dealing with a life threatening illness, she remained positive, gave selflessly to others, worked on her career and spent time with the people she loved. Sadly, Anjou passed away from metastatic breast cancer in 2012.

Before we begin. We would like to assure you… it is without a doubt:

The best gift you could give yourself!

 What is the GOLDZONE Experience?

The GOLDZONE Experience is a three-day experiential seminar designed for motivated and busy people who want to accelerate their results in all areas of life, career or business.

It’s about PERSONAL LEADERSHIP and how exercising more leadership will impact and improve all areas of life.

Ultimately it is about creating more personal FREEDOM for oneself to work the way you want, live where you want with who you want doing what you want in a way that is sustainable, fulfilling and contributes to others, humanity and our global community of fellow travelers on spaceship earth.

At the end of the day more freedom requires that you step into a greater level of personal LEADERSHIP and that is why we call it the GOLDZONE Experience.

Why is it called an “Experience?”

We live in experiences. Our memories are comprised of spiritually and emotionally impactful moments that we share with others.

One of the challenges of most lecture style seminars is that they don’t educate us as whole people; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. People learn concepts that they can’t apply and pick up ideas that may not work for them.

Most people find themselves over developed mentally and physically and underdeveloped spiritually and emotionally. The GOLDZONE Experience addresses this in a safe, fun and relaxing way…

We deliver a holistic experience, in a spectacular environment and carefully sculpt the physical environment, the food, the classroom, the music, the videos, the presentation slides, the dynamic presentation with new and revolutionary content that educates, informs, moves and inspires you to make small, simple changes in your life that produce extraordinary results.

This holistic experience will move you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically and in just three days will save you years of time and energy to achieve the same mindset shift – if it is even possible without the input of people like us who have been there and done that.

Did I mention it is also fun and entertaining? We like to laugh a lot so don’t come if you can’t laugh…

We have found that when its fun, we remember more, are engaged more, its more effective and we easily get into and stay in the Goldzone…

From a business point-of-view, business is about people and in the Experience we take a detailed look at human motivations and behavior including how to attract and retain the best people and relationships.

You mention spiritual, is this going to challenge my religious beliefs?

No! Our clients include people from all the world’s religions and we are not aware of any of them who have changed their religion or their spiritual practices. We work diligently to ensure all faiths are acknowledged and people feel safe and comfortable. In fact, we find that after attending a GOLDZONE Experience most people’s faith gets strengthened and reinforced.

What is Goldzone?

Goldzone is a made up word that literally means the “zone of gold” or the state when everything flows easily and effortlessly and outcomes are optimum. It also refers to the best of the best. If you are going to invest money, time or energy in something, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you were getting nothing but the very best? We call that Goldzone.

It is at the top of a seven zone color coded system we use to describe different states of results, outcomes or scenarios from ideal at the top through six other categories of less ideal to arrive at the lowest level of really sucking badly. We call that Brownzone.

So, from top to bottom the various zones (we call them the Optima Zones) are: Goldzone, Bluezone, Greenzone, Yellowzone, Orangezone, Redzone and Brownzone.

In terms of the GOLDZONE Experience, it literally means a three day experience of what the best of the best looks and feels like in all areas of life, career and business and how to transform your life, career and business to be more optimum, ideal, fulfilling and rewarding.

How does it work?

Your Experience starts as soon as you register. We send you a link in your confirmation email that contains a six part Personal Discovery and Optima Zones analysis.

Comprised of six sections, it will take you approximately 1 hour to complete. At the end you will be provided with a total score, compared to the maximum possible. This will highlight any GAPS and what is possible for improvement.

We will contact you before you leave for the live section of your program to answer any questions and help with any arrangements.

Once you arrive in Bali at the resort you will receive VIP service. Your next few days unfold in a symphony of experiences, gourmet food, inspiring music, uplifting videos and educational content.

You will have the opportunity to engage in group exercises and discussions. You can ask me questions directly at any time.

We provide huge amounts of handouts that explore the content covered in more detail. Presentation slides are made available online for later review.

At all times you are at choice over how you participate and at what level you wish to engage with the other participants and myself as tour guide.

We start and end the day with uplifting videos and at reasonable hours.

Time is build in to contemplate and reflect.

At the end of the last day we complete with a dance party and dinner.

Once you get home we are available to answer questions and to provide support. You will form new friendships and are connected with the other participants via facebook groups and local social gatherings.

Additional content and support are available online 24/7.

You are in good company!

When did you create it?

The ideas behind the program first formed in my mind in the period from 1989 to 1991.

In 1993 I took a year off to travel the world and visit places on my dream list. I spent 3 months on safari in Africa. While canoeing down the Zambezi river, on a clear night awash with stars, I decided to sleep outside my tent and side-by-side with my African guides by the open fire. I awoke in the wee hours to loud sounds of trumpeting and wood splitting as a couple of rogue elephants pushed trees over next to camp. The next morning I discovered lions had walked along the river and within 100 meters of where I was sleeping. I felt more alive that night than at any time in my life.

I wondered to myself how many people feel this alive in their day-to-day lives? Not many. I started to think about how our education system doesn’t prepare people for the real world.

In 1999 as I got to know Anjou MacPherson I discovered a like-minded researcher who had committed her life to the pursuit of extraordinary experiences.

By 2001 we had formalized the basic foundation of the program and were already presenting core sections to various audiences of entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders.

Every GOLDZONE Experience is different and the program continues to evolve and get better and better from one program to the next… We are constantly researching and discover newer, faster and better ways of doing things and these new pieces are instantly integrated to keep the program fresh and current.

Why did you create it?

Anjou and I both felt that our traditional education does a good job of our basic education, however it hasn’t kept up to date with the pace of change. Life skills such as entrepreneurship, personal finances, relationships, communication, leadership and personal development are missing from most school curriculums. Students are put through an industrialized education system that rewards conformity and punishes lateral thinking and creativity.

Most of us are trained to be good, get good grades,
find a job and climb the corporate ladder.

We are not taught to dream, take risks and create lives of value that support others and add materially to our planet. Leadership, cooperation, collaboration, synergy and free enterprise are completely missing.

After coaching, consulting and training thousands of entrepreneurs, CEO’s and investors in personal finance, entrepreneurship, visioning and business planning we felt that the available personality tests and profiling systems did an inadequate job of explaining why some people are more successful than others, why people get depressed, engage in unhealthy behaviors and are more resistant than others.

Anjou and I embarked on a research journey together that lasted 13 years of full time research, discovery and world travel. We studied the best available educational programs, success and spiritual systems and discovered that most systems are not holistic. They teach people to compartmentalize and to sacrifice one area of life for another. We felt that a comprehensive view of life would enable a system and way of life that was totally holistic and included all areas of life.

Many people have problems and look to therapy and counseling for support and guidance. Our medical system treats disease and not wellness. We felt that the solution was to study wellness, health, vitality, success, fulfillment, spirituality, meaning, abundance… and as a result created a system that begins with the ideal scenario in every aspect of life, career and business, then via various zones of categories explains why people behave the way they do, why results are the way they are – and most importantly how to transform any area in the shortest time possible.

When studying learning and teaching we found that people learn more from experiences than from lecture. They learn more from real life examples than from theory and from moving and inspiring music and videos than from one-way presentations.

We love music videos and video games, smart phones and digital devices and felt that an educational experience that outlines a system in a entertaining, memorable and lively manner was needed to give people an experience of what it is like to be fully alive and to create results from that place.

Many seminars and programs offer a pumped up experience that doesn’t last. Rah, rah motivational hype only lasts so long. We felt it would empower people more to learn tools and systems they could apply right then and there, and an experience that would easily translate when they got home.

So we put together the initial curriculum of leading edge content in an environment that uses nightclub quality audio, massive video walls, moving and inspiring images and videos as well as dynamic slides and entertaining presentations. You literally see it, feel it, touch it.

Who is it for?

The program is for anyone who is looking for a fast-track, holistic system that explains life, success, career, wellness, passion, joy and live all in one package that can easily be applied to accelerate your results in life, career, business and leadership.

Typical clients include motivated individuals, leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, spiritual and success minded people.

We designed the program to be advanced – especially for people who have already tried other systems and seminars – while at the same time being digestible and easy for beginners.

If you are looking for more meaning, passion and purpose in your life – this holistic system is for you!

How many people participate and how often is the GOLDZONE Experience scheduled?

Typical programs are small and intimate with 20 to 40 attendees. We deliver the program 2 times per year at a spectacular beachfront venue on one of the world’s top rated islands – Bali.

Why would anyone want to attend?

If you are looking for an edge, a transformational experience that is both moving and practical in its delivery and application – then this program is for you.

If you are looking for leaders to follow who are open-hearted, genuine and authentic, who walk the talk and are real about their faults and frailties – this program is for you.

If you are looking for a high performance SYSTEM that you can apply to LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS and your personal life to measure results and to pin point exactly what to do to get a quantum leap in your results – this program is for you!

What can an attendee expect?

You can expect a soothing, safe, fun, expanding, aesthetic environment where learning is fun, memorable and yet transformational. No one is forced to participate, or share or do anything you don’t want to do. You will be entertained, inspired and enlightened.

Are there other programs out there like this?

To the best of our knowledge we have looked for other programs to learn from and participate with… to date we have not seen anything like the GOLDZONE Experience.

Revolutionary systems. Spectacular delivery. Awe-inspiring setting. Its like being in a small scale Hollywood production.

It seems expensive, is it worth the investment?

The investment is $3,888 for the 3-day experience. Plus your travel and accommodation for 4 nights. If you paid for entertainment, indeed this would appear expensive. On the other hand, this investment pays off over the remainder of your life, let’s say the next 50 years. Divide that by the investment and you have a mere $6.48 a month.

Many attendees double or triple their income, others save their marriages, develop new careers, find their passion, develop more meaning and purpose in their lives. What is that worth to you?

I personally guarantee the ROI.

If after reading this, you choose to participate in the program and can’t see more than 100x your $6.48 a month investment, let me know personally at the end of the program and I will personally refund your program fee.

What other costs can I expect?

The only other costs are your flight plus four days accommodation. Gourmet meals are included for the duration of the program. Depending on where you fly from, if you fly economy and book a basic room, you can expect to invest roughly $1,333.

What is your background?

I grew up on a struggling dairy farm more connected to animals and nature than people. After leaving school I trained as an Apprentice Radio Communications and Industrial Electronics Technician and went on to Computer Engineering, installing and servicing mission critical computer systems for lawyers and stockbrokers. It was at this time that I realized I had more interest in people than computers and transitioned into Account Management to negotiate multi-million dollar contracts and to solve complex high-stakes relationship issues.

I wasn’t happy and wanted more from life, so I took a year off at the height of my career to travel and explore the world with the intention of looking for the best place in the world to live, experiencing new cultures and picking up new ideas to leave my corporate job and begin my journey as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Since then I have dreamed big, pursued my passion for people, education, personal leadership and the meaning of life.

I realized that the difference between earning $100,000 a year and $1,000,000 or more is the size of your dreams and the willingness to think different, not accept ones own excuses and the humility to learn and educate oneself.

I have invested more than 25 years and millions of dollars in researching why some people are more successful, happy and fulfilled than others, personal leadership, holistic living and how to turn a dream vision into an extraordinary reality.

I have founded more than 20 companies, travelled to 51 countries, coached, trained and mentored thousands of CEO’s, investors and leaders, written over 200 articles, produced over 400 seminars and events as well as created an extensive library of proprietary systems, tools and know how.

I have read over 1,000 books, and attended over 67 educational seminars and programs ranging from days to years in length.

In my pursuit of extraordinary experiences, I packed up my house, placed all my belongings into storage and travelled the world on a non-stop first-class adventure for nearly six years living at the Four-Seasons or equivalent. I have explored the world’s best spas, hotel suites, restaurants and experiences. I’ve been on a private tour of the Vatican, wandered long lost halls, hired artists, musicians, archeologists, scientists, teachers, world class athletes, coaches, counselors, psychologists, doctors, neurosurgeons, accountants, lawyers, experts, authors, talked to shaman, priests and billionaires about their people challenges, chatted with A-list movie stars, celebrity chefs, homeless people, beggars and people on their death bed.

I am a student of life, leadership, conscious business, entrepreneurship, holistic living and spirituality.

My engineering mind allows me to grasp complex concepts, articulate them into simple, easy to understand systems that anyone can apply and benefit from. I write poetry, am an artist and a designer.

My next venture is to write my experiences as fiction (to protect the guilty) and to convert my treasure-trove of intellectual property and trademarked systems into software, mobile apps and videos.

For someone who is interested in attending, but is too busy to take the time, what would you say to them?

Our most precious resource is our time. Money and assets can be replaced, however we cannot get back time invested unwisely.

In our experience most people don’t stop and take the time to evaluate if what they are doing is going to give them what they really want.

These 3 days are the best gift you could give yourself to identify areas of lost productivity, fulfillment and instant improvement.

While most of us consider time as linear, our experience of it isn’t linear. Time stretches and shrinks depending on what we are doing. You will learn how to stretch time into having more free time for the things and people you care about most as well as dramatically improve your productivity with what you are currently doing.

We guarantee your relationship to time will change!

When and where is the next GOLDZONE Experience scheduled for?

The next 3-Day GOLDZONE Experience is scheduled for:

May 14-16, 2016 – Bali, Indonesia.

Should I bring my spouse or partner, or would you recommend I attend alone?

We always recommend that couples, business partners and teams participate together. This provides a common context of high-performance and alignment. If your partner or team can’t join you this time, consider coming first and sending them to the next one.

I can assure you that having a common context, language and understanding will transform your relationship, results and make everything easier than you can imagine.

For teams, who couldn’t do with more personal leadership and responsibility for results? This is perhaps the fastest way to get team alignment and it’s over a weekend.

Is it possible to send my team and would you recommend it?

Absolutely! Teams that learn together, transform together and will gain an understanding of what is holding back their 10x performance. If you could do with more synergy, cooperation and collaboration from your team – this is the place to do it.

I am interested in this subject, where can I read more?

We have written over 200 articles on this subject which can be accessed at > here. I suggest you start on the first page and read down… the pages go on and on and you will find lots of tools, tips and ideas.

Are there any downsides to attending?

The biggest downside could be that most people live life in a low grade state of numbness. This program will wake you up to feelings you never knew you had and possibilities you never considered before. You may find it hard going back to a boring life and regular reality of the work-a-day world.

I would suggest you think twice about joining us if you want to maintain your status quo and don’t want to change.

On the other hand, if you are sick and tired of life and business as usual and are looking for a transformation – join us!

Is there any prerequisite to attending?

There is no prerequisite other than an open mind and willing attitude to learn, change and grow. If you want to be the best you possible – join us and discover a step-by-step system how.

Is there anyone you advise not to attend?

Yes! People who don’t want to change and who are judgmental and fixated. If that describes you and you don’t want to change – don’t come!

What support do you offer after the program?

We offer extensive after program support via the internet, Facebook groups, social gatherings, courtesy calls, paid coaching to support with implementation and ongoing programs to take your learning and apply it to different areas of life, career or business.

We value your trust and commitment and are there for you 24/7. I am personally available to connect with, ask questions and provide advice.

You are in good company.

Will you hard sell me other seminars, services or investments?

NO! Absolutely not. One of the things we dislike about the seminar industry is the hard sell tactics that warm you up, set you up and pounce on you with hard sell tactics as soon as you are vulnerable.

We value your trust and deeply appreciate our relationship with you. We will never hard sell you and you can be secure in the knowledge that a 3-day program is all program with no sales pitch involved.

We believe that if we offer superior value and follow up to support you to apply what you learn, you will get massive benefits and will naturally share your experience with others and join us for other programs or services.

We are here to serve you and provide services that are valuable, unique and deliver what we say they will.

What if I don’t get what I am expecting and are disappointed? Will I get my money back?

If you participate fully and by the end of the program can’t see how this can work for you, come up to me personally and I will discuss it with you. If you insist the program under delivered on your expectations, I will personally give your program fee back.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Select your preferred date and register > here

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to do your Pre-Program Questionnaire, this is very thorough and reveling. You will receive a personalized report on where you are at (based on your answers to various questions) and what your unrealized potential is.

As soon as you register – your program begins!

What can GOLDZONE do for you?

Give Yourself a Quantum Leap!

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