Move Into The Zone

Move Into The Zone
– The Goldzone!

Most people know what “The Zone” is and have experienced moments “in The Zone” in their career, sports, money etc.  What would it take to get into The Zone in all areas of your life?  What would your life be like if you had a system to get you into The Zone in your career, relationships, health, wealth, self-expression or business – not just once but on an ongoing basis?

What is Goldzone Living?

Goldzone Living is a way of life that was first articulated by the Founders of The Goldzone Organization – Anjou MacPherson and Andrew John Harrison.  After spending many years searching for deep meaning and fulfillment that includes all aspects of life at an optimum level, the founders were frustrated with the available seminars, books and educational materials available.  Very few of them appeared to offer an integrated or holistic way of life that included; deep meaningful relationships, connection and intimacy, vital and regenerative health, assets, wealth and money in abundance, creative and inspired self-expression, a career that totally fulfills, vibrant energy and the time to enjoy what we love.

The Founders observed after extensive international travel and research, conducted over a 30 year span, that most people sacrificed one area for another and do not believe thatan optimum life in all areas is possible.  After sharing their realizations and research with tens of thousands of people from Europe, Asia Pacific to North America, the founders developed a system to explain to any interested person how each area of life is related to and impacted by the other.  The system evolved over time and eventually became the Goldzone Leadership Curriculum.

It was discovered that all of life can be measured on a scale from fully alive at the top tonearly dead at the bottom (death is in fact the bottom of the scale) and that this scale can be described as a scale of Personal Power, or a scale of Flow, Chi, Élan Vital or Lifeforce.

It is easy to observe that when a living organism is thriving its available Lifeforce is flowing in abundance, whereas an organism that is near death is struggling and low on available Lifeforce.

Lifeforce can be measured, and there are things you can do to enhance your available Lifeforce and there are things that trap, suppress and otherwise make Lifeforce unavailable to you.  The more Lifeforce you have available the more your life works.  You find yourself in the right place at the right time, with the right people.  In other words, life flows and you are successful in all areas.  On the other hand, when you have little Lifeforce available, you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.  Life is a struggle and nothing seems to work as it should.

Goldzone Living is a way of living and working that involves understanding Lifeforce and its impact on the various aspects of life.  After much experimentation the Lifeforce scale was broken into 7 categories or zones and graphed across 53 dynamics of life, career, relationships, self-expression, health, wealth, leadership and business.  The 7 Zones correspond with the stages of early development, the Chakra’s in the human body, Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy etc. and are complimentary.  Each Zone has a color; GOLDZONE, BLUEZONE, GREENZONE, YELLOWZONE, ORANGEZONE, REDZONE, and BROWNZONE.  This system was extensively tested and refined and is known today as The Optima Zones of Behavior and Peak Performance.

A breakthrough technology is now available to provide a framework, tool and map for optimizing human performance, relationships, business and organizations.  This technology has finally made available a system to describe what optimum looks like compared to the current situation or result.

Goldzone Living is all about living life as an optimum human being in all areas – without sacrificing one area for success in other areas.  Beyond success is fulfillment, creative expression and inspired serenity.  The Goldzone Experience was developed to make these breakthrough technologies and systems available to the public via lively and entertaining seminars that use the latest delivery technologies, multi-media and high-speed learning techniques to provide participants with lasting change and fundamental transformation in their results and quality of life.

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