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May 7-9, 2016 – Bali, Indonesia

Dear Friend:

Are you finding that you are working longer and longer hours, and no matter how successful you become, you just don’t feel fulfilled on the inside?  Do you find that one of your biggest challenges relates to communicating with and relating to people?  Do you find that stress is a major factor in your daily life?  Do you still have dreams that are unfulfilled?  Do you feel time is quickly running out for you?

If so, this may be the most exciting thing you’ll ever read.  Why?  The answer is simple.  You see, I am going to tell you exactly how you can…

  • Do what you love and make all the money you want
  • Be in total control of your time and your activities
  • Have the creative expression, career or business of your dreams
  • Have the relationships you want and time to enjoy them
  • Feel more joy, passion and love in your life

Not only that, you can join a like-minded network of high-performance individuals and leaders worldwide who are committed to enjoying a level of fulfillment, personal and financial freedom that most people only dream about!

Are you experiencing any of the following challenges?

  • Successful, But Where is the Fulfillment? – You are a success, you have the money to meet your needs, from the outside everything seems to be going well – and according to plan.  However, you know there is more to life and you are missing fulfillment, creative expression and true serenity.
  • Emotional RollercoasterYou have highs when things go right, and then the lows set in for no reason.  You feel like you are on an unpredictable emotional ride through life that feels like a rollercoaster.  Perhaps you experience a steady emotional state – and there are people around you who are on the emotional rollercoaster.
  • Income PlateauYou work harder and longer than ever, but your earning power has leveled off… just when you need more income for your growing family, children’s education, or for your financial freedom.  You have unfulfilled dreams and based on current income levels and career prospects, you are afraid that you will never realize them.
  • Glass Ceiling – You are doing well, however you don’t seem to be able to get ahead.  No matter what you do, there feels like a “glass ceiling” that is holding you back from doing more, achieving more and becoming more.
  • Professional Obsolescence – You invested years of study and experience in a trade or profession, and now it is obsolete… flooded with lower-paid competition… or eliminated due to new technology.  You are looking for a new career in a field that inspires you and makes you happy.
  • Executive Burnout – You’ve been working hard in a high-stress environment with constant demands and pressures on your time.  Yes, you are successful by most people’s standards, however you have sacrificed your health and/or your relationships to get there.
  • Relationship Looks Good, But Going Nowhere – You love your partner, however the sizzle and the romance died long ago.  From the outside you look like the perfect couple, everything is together and you have everything most people only dream of.  Only thing is, the connection and intimacy are non-existent.  Perhaps you are living separate lives and lonely.
  • Low Confront – You aren’t able to confront angry or dominating people.  You end up giving up and would rather “stuff your feelings” than allow yourself to over-express and say the wrong thing.  When someone disappoints you, or you feel upset with them – you have a great deal of difficulty in telling them openly.
  • High Pay, Hate Work – You are trapped in a “golden handcuff.”  You’re making an excellent income, but your work just isn’t making you happy.  Maybe you chose a career your parents wanted for you, perhaps you chose a career for the money and your dreams and desires are unfulfilled.
  • Professional Fragmentation – You’ve achieved the height of your profession, worked hard for years, generated a substantial income and created a reasonable level of wealth.  The cost of your success is that you have lost touch with yourself, your heart and your soul.  Spirit is missing in your daily life – as well as the connection and knowing that comes with spirit.
  • Drama in Relationships – You are surrounded by drama and difficulties communicating and relating to the people around you.  Your team members are not performing to the level they could, and no one seems to be listening.
  • Partner Left Behind – You are a high-performance person and are looking for ways of becoming more effective, productive and fulfilled – however your partner or spouse is content with the way things are and is not growing at the same speed.
  • Ill Health or Low Energy – You have dreams and plans for the future, however your health is limiting you.  Maybe you are suffering from an inability to concentrate and are plagued by periods of low energy.
  • Successful in the Past – You recall a time when you were successful and everything was going right, then something happened and it all fell apart.  Maybe this has happened to you several times and you have never recovered to the same level you were at before.  No matter what you do, nothing seems as bright or interesting as it did then.

If you find yourself facing any of these challenges, the first thing is to realize that you are not alone and there is a solution.  No matter how many mistakes you’ve made, or what’s happened to you in life, there is a way out.  And it’s easier than you think, if you are ready for it.

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