Turbocharge Your TEAM!


Turbocharge Your TEAM!

You are only as good as your team! Solve your most pressing partnership or team challenges by attending with your spouse, partner or team.

Ordinary partnerships become extraordinary by learning and applying Goldzone’s Partnership, Cooperation & Team technologies.

By all means attend by yourself and take the lessons home to share with others or attend together at the same time and we guarantee your effectiveness, clarity and results will be magnified by 10 x.

That’s a dramatic improvement by simply attending together.

Real life application – right then and there!

Instead of relaying the concepts, learnings and distinctions second hand, you can learn together, identify real solutions and practice the tools in real time. This will allow you to return home having already identified solutions and practiced their application – before you implement it.

Twelve benefits of attending together with your spouse, partner or team:
  1. Discover the secrets to dynamic partnership and what gets in the way.
  2. Learn communication tools to eliminate misunderstandings.
  3. Align with your partner or team on a common vision, context and language.
  4. Easily resolve upsets.
  5. Create more synergy, partnership and cooperation.
  6. Learn and apply high-performance tools and agreements.
  7. Create a shared context of ownership and responsibility, without blame, shame or denial.
  8. Learn the importance of spiritual leadership and how to create more spiritual alignment.
  9. Develop closer, more meaningful relationships with those you love and work with.
  10. Dramatically increase your ability to communicate, ask for and get what you want.
  11. Multiply your ability to inspire others to take action, improve performance and overall results.
  12. Gain clarity, insight and confidence to make difficult decisions to continue a relationship or let it go.

If you have a corporate training budget: You will find the GOLDZONE Experience to be the wisest use of your corporate training dollars available anywhere.  The results you’ll get will dramatically increase your team’s effectiveness many times over and above the value of your investment in time and money.

The 3 days your team will spend at the GOLDZONE Experience will deliver guaranteed results way beyond alternative trainings that only last days, or even weeks.

To register yourself or your team for the next GOLDZONE Experience click > here

Most of the available professional development education only addresses part of the picture and doesn’t solve real long-term problems in a systematic way.  This lack of effective solutions led us to develop an innovative and highly usable set of tools, and a curriculum of educational and support programs that range from a ½-Day Seminar to a 12-Month Leaders’ Academy that transforms individual and team performance.

Give Yourself a Quantum Leap!

Act Today to Register Your Place at the next
GOLDZONE Experience by Calling 

+1-888-995-2188 or fax +1-888-995-2189
To register online > click here

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