10 Reasons to Attend Every GOLDZONE Experience


Every GOLDZONE Experience is an opportunity for you to take your life, career, business or relationships to a new level!

The more times you participate in The GOLDZONE Experience, the more the benefits compound and accelerate. if you are looking for the fast-track — attend every program you can. Come back every chance you can. Who can remember most of what you hear the first time anyway? There are many benefits… here are just a few.

10 Reasons to attend every GOLDZONE Experience:

  1. Gain an instant updraft, infusion of clarity, lifeforce, freedom, confidence and connection. You will return home feeling refreshed and invigorated, more certain and confident.
  2. Every Experience has new, fresh and updated content, so you are learning the latest, most up to date tools, strategies, concepts and generalized principles.
  3. You pay to attend only once, then every time you return all it costs is $500 — including gourmet meals and refreshments. We believe this is the best value educational experience available in the work today!
  4. Meet with old friends and connect with new ones. Who else would you rather interact, socialize and do business with than people with the same context?
  5. Unlearn old information and replace it with new knowledge that you can apply and benefit from right away. Repetition is the key to learning, so repeating lessons will have you gaining mastery, faster!
  6. Enjoy an uplifting resort environment in a spectacular environment with healthy, tasty and nutritious food.
  7. Give back, share and help others. This not only adds value to other people, it reinforces your learning and mastery.
  8. Refine your Dream Vision, get answers and support with your leadership, business or investment success.
  9. Bring your friends, family and colleagues so you can share the same context, learn new communication tools together and practice right then and there so you can accelerate your team, partnership or relationship.
  10. Make an appointment with the Program Leader: Harrison to consult one-on-one in an on-stage-hot-seat session. On the third day of the program we set up the stage like a comfortable living room and invite guests to participate in a live interactive Q&A session. This is a unique opportunity to interact with, get advice from and consult with the Founder of Goldzone. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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We look forward to seeing you again. Good luck and be beautiful!

Give Yourself a Quantum Leap!

Give yourself an immediate updraft, an infusion of beauty and aesthetic, where awe-inspiring environment meets the latest, freshest information, delivered in a fun and engaging, custom crafted learning environment… consider joining us at a 3-Day GOLDZONE Experience. It will change your mind about learning, engage all your senses and most of all make you a better, more successful and effective leader!

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