33 Steps to New-Paradigm Leadership

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The simple yet powerful concepts contained in the 33 Steps to New-Paradigm Leadership serve as a guide to transition from Command and Control style Leadership to a new paradigm that includes all previous as well as the new possibilities of Partnership, Cooperation and Team.

Research indicates that personal leadership and effectiveness of New-Paradigm Leadership can be as much as 8 times as effective. That’s 800%. Imagine the possibilities…

Here are all 33 of the steps you can follow to take you from where you are now to New-Paradigm Leadership:

  1. The Courage to Lead
  2. Articulate a Clear and Compelling Vision
  3. Develop Accurate Perception
  4. Know when to Lead and when to Manage
  5. Crossing the Chasm
  6. Transform it, Don’t Change it
  7. Identify the Real Causes of Stress and Eliminate Drama & Struggle
  8. Focus, Concentrate & Integrate
  9. Tap the Power of Whole-brain Thinking, Learning & Problem Solving
  10. Become a Power Communicator
  11. Develop Your Ultimate Power – Personal Power
  12. Know when to use Position Power
  13. Unleashing the Power of Free Agents, Project Work & Multifunctional Teams
  14. Unlock the Power of Relationships
  15. Know & Manage Your 4 Top Leadership Saboteurs (Anger, Fear, Grief & Apathy)
  16. Respond without Reaction (the key to all upsets, misunderstandings and miscommunications)
  17. Understand & Escape the PLOT (Victims, Villains & Heroes)
  18. Learn to effectively Confront anything, anytime and anyplace
  19. Partner your Ego with your Essence
  20. Inspire Responsibility & Accountability
  21. Use Feedback (validate) instead of Criticism (invalidate)
  22. Optimize every Action, Person, Environment, Asset and Opportunity
  23. Expand Your Spheres of Influence
  24. Commit to being World Class
  25. Create WOW Experiences
  26. Commit to High Standards
  27. Make Your Word as “Good as Gold”
  28. Live Your Values, Principles & Ethics
  29. Balance Masculine and Feminine
  30. Close the Integrity GAP
  31. Embrace Your Intuition, Wisdom and Consciousness
  32. Unleash Your Passion, Inspiration & Spirit
  33. Commit to Personal Fulfillment

Good luck and be bold!

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5 thoughts on “33 Steps to New-Paradigm Leadership

  1. Ross

    Hi John,

    I agree with your “lead” comment and that we have holistic existence. If you use your elephant analogy and see this article as a “toe nail”, a very important one too!… and that if you explore the content of this site you may get a better feel of what the elephant may look like.

    Keen to know more of your interest in this field.

    Here’s to more elephants!


  2. John Duncan

    We each “lead”, even if it is only our own life/lives. All 33 steps apply to the private as well as the corporate individual. Each step is part of the other 32.
    You present a good starting point for self-evaluation.
    My only reservation is the fact that since you have had to delineate and categorise in order to attempt to ascertain all of existence, the individual is left requiring one more step, which would allow him to see how
    (i)he/she relates, now and in future, to everything since forever
    (ii) everything is part of, and the responsibility of, everything else.
    Remember the Tale of the 3 Blind Men & the Elephant. All were in a small room. Each blind man ws asked to describe what was in the room in front of him. The first felt the trunk and said it was a hosepipe. The second felt the leg and said it was a tree trunk. The third felt the bulging belly and said it was a wall about to collapse on him. But we know there is a whole elephant there., even though we can’t easily describe it just with words.


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