Hello and welcome to Goldzone’s Client Solutions. We are delighted to be of service.

Based on extensive research and development, Goldzone has assembled an extensive range of programs and services to support leaders, organizations and high-performance individuals.

Goldzone Leadership Center’s curriculum of programs and services are designed to be delivered in multiple locations simultaneously by different presenters from different backgrounds. Ideally we look for the very best expert presenter we can find.

Over the years we have hired more than 57 different experts and specialists to present programs including; best selling authors, entrepreneurs, doctors, CPA’s, lawyers, PHD’s, counselors, therapists, physiologists, psychologists, bankers, CEO’s, investors, brokers, investment bankers, franchising specialists, chiropractors, nutritionists, etc.

Leadership Curriculum

Goldzone’s foundation curriculum including programs ranging from 1/2-day Seminars to a year-long Leaders’ Academy.  Based on extensive research and experience working with over 40,000 people one-on-one, in small groups and in large audiences of up to 5,000 – you are guaranteed the latest breakthrough information, support and services that produce an immediate and significant improvement in results… [more]

Leadership Certificate: For leaders to fast-track their results, master the main sustaining principles of high-performance leadership and gain a prestigious and valuable Goldzone Leadership Certificate… [more]

Personal Curriculum
For high-performance individuals looking for fast-track solutions in the areas of relationships, health, wealth, business and leadership.  Includes 23 advanced programs ranging from three-days to weeklong vacation-seminars conducted in some of the world’s most spectacular resorts and retreats.  Email, phone and one-on-one coaching are also available… [more]
Coaching & Consulting

Consulting and Coaching services are available for teams, individuals and executives to support with implementation and performance enhancement… [more]