Do Something For Someone Else: 100% of Your Clients Are People

Gotta love this video about fulfillment and doing things for others… 100% of your clients are people… 100% of your colleagues are people… 100% of your friends are people… sounds obvious but most people forget! How is that possible?

Fulfillment | from Electrik on Vimeo.

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Quality of Relationship = Quality of Life

Quality of Relationship

ryrWhat would happen if you allocated more time to the renewal and regeneration of your relationship? or, if you are single, to prepare yourself for your next relationship?

Most people don’t realize that the quality of your relationships = the quality of your life! There is a direct correlation between a person’s level of happiness, success, financial prosperity, overall wellbeing and their primary relationship.

And ones primary relationship influences and often sets the tone for all other relationships in life… At work, partners, friends, clients etc. IT ALSO DETERMINES HOW SUCCESSFUL YOU ARE FINANCIALLY.

The subject of relationship can be a hot potato, especially when talking about sex and money. My own experience has taught me that when my partner isn’t happy – there is no way I am going to be happy (and visa versa.) The question is what to do about it?

The purpose of this article is to give you some options, insights and ideas…

Admitting That Things Could Be Better Is The First Step

If you are like most people, you may have a difficult time admitting that there is even a problem. Somehow admitting it can often feel like we have failed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Nothing will change until we admit that there is something to improve in the first place.

Many of us are lacking inspiring role models of successful relationships – and rely on the examples of our parents, other family members and friends. Often when we compare our relationship to that of our parents we feel lucky and in many ways better off (or our relationship is exactly the same as theirs)… However, this does not mean that we are realizing our full potential in this area – and with a little effort – can enjoy a true partnership where both parties are totally fulfilled and any issues can be quickly and easily resolved.

Unfortunately the opposite is often the case…

Small Issues Left Unsolved – Fester

Small issues that remain unresolved fester, get suppressed and gnaw away at the harmony… Only to explode into a chasm at the smallest provocation. And many of these differences have a huge impact on ones life… For example differences or lack of alignment around money, how to make it, how to spend it, financial planning, investing, budgeting and the future. What if one partner earns many times more than the other? Not to mention how this affects the children (if there are any.) What if one partner is controlling and making all the decisions?

Speaking of children… Many people don’t realize that yelling, arguing and the silent treatment are exactly the same and have an equally devastating impact on children.

Lack of Support (Spoken or Unspoken)

It is very difficult to enjoy a fulfilling life or career when one partner does not agree with or support the other partners choices. What is possible if both parties are in full alignment – or at least have the tools to reach a resolution? What would life be like? What if making money and creating wealth were an inspired activity that flows from the harmony between two people?

Low Expectations

One technique many people use to get what they want is to set their expectations so low – that they are guaranteed to meet them. This way they avoid disappointment and over time settle for less and less. The key to having a inspiring and fulfilling life is exactly the opposite… To set expectations HIGH and to change what is in the way of realizing the highest ideal scenario. Having high expectations requires work… It requires learning… It requires letting go of the past… However the benefits are well worth it – I promise!

Any Rift Can Be Healed

Regardless of your background, experience, social position or age… It is totally possible to heal any rift in a relationship (as long as both parties are willing) and to move into more alignment, harmony and ultimately a true partnership of equals. The first step is to create safety for each partner to openly share thoughts, feelings and expectations.

If you are single… It is also possible to attract the relationship of your dreams – sooner rather than later. They key is to become the person you most want to be in relationship with.

Personally, I been on a lifelong quest for the ultimate relationship… A partnership between two equals who share a common purpose, vision, alignment of values, commitment to ideal scene, the willingness, skills and knowledge to resolve differences. The journey has not been easy. But it has been the most worthwhile and fulfilling activity I have engaged in.

I invite you to raise your standards, make relationships your number one priority and to invest money, time and energy to realize your wildest relationship dreams.

Some of the benefits of working on your relationships:

  • Deeper passion, commitment, and aliveness
  • Improved communication skills
  • Ability to communicate and get what you want in your partnership and in life
  • Improved feeling of love and the ability to maintain the experience
  • Increased generosity and appreciation
  • Released creativity of each partner
  • More joyous sexuality
  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Increased humor, playfulness and fun in your partnership
  • Increased joy and overall wellbeing
  • Financial alignment and more flow and prosperity

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Money or Relationship: Symptom or Cause?

We have all heard it before. When a relationship fails, it is often stated that money problems caused the failure.

In many cases this is true, one partner loses their job or runs up unknown debts, which leads to relationship disharmony and eventually breakup or divorce. But what if there were a rarely discussed, often avoided cause that preceded the symptoms and was in fact the “real” culprit?

We all know that if you address symptoms and do not fix the cause, the problem won’t be resolved and it will continue… often from one relationship to another. Kind of like a silent serial killer that lurks in the shadows undetected, only to pounce at the most inopportune moment and wreak havoc.

After working one-on-one with thousands of couples from all walks of life, I have come to the conclusion that relationships are one of the most challenging areas of life for most people — and yet they have an enormous impact on one’s quality of life. If you sit down with any couple, it doesn’t take long to notice patterns of behavior that either add to or take away from the relationship.

Many money problems first manifested themselves in one’s relationship dynamic (which includes all relationships — home, work, family, etc.) which then shows up tangibly in the money dynamic. So if money problems are often (but not always) the symptoms, and relationship disharmony the cause, then no amount of focusing on money and finances will solve the money problems.

You won’t succeed in keeping a leaky boat afloat if all you do is grab a bucket and bail out the incoming water! What is required for sustainable, long-term success is to first bail the water out, then plug the holes in the boat to prevent more water from coming in. Yes, this sounds logical and easy, and yet, how often do people do the logical and reasonable thing when it comes to money?

So if your money dynamic isn’t flowing the way you would like, perhaps you could look to your relationship dynamic for some other causes of the problem? And at the end of the day, your relationships all reflect the most important relationship of all… the relationship you have with yourself.

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Productivity in a Masculine/Feminine Partnership

The purpose of this article is to highlight one of the oldest and most pervasive dramas that exist between men and women, and to provide a roadmap of what to do to get out of what we refer to as the “plot.”

When we talk of the plot, we are referring to the story or interrelated sequence of events that exists between two or more people. The nature of a plot is that it takes a minimum of two sides in order to exist. When one side decides to exit the plot and takes the necessary steps to do this, the plot can no longer exist. Therefore, if a plot is existing, then both sides are contributing to it.

A relationship is often a complex web of plots that combine into a major theme. Therefore, if you can identify and resolve the major themes, you can experience a quantum leap in your results and level of intimacy.

In an ideal scene, both partners would equally develop their masculine and feminine characteristics.  One partner is utilizing more masculine qualities, and the other is utilizing more feminine qualities in their expression with each other.

Problems occur in a partnership when one of the partners has not developed or embraced the characteristics of their gender. This forces their partner to compensate by taking on and expressing the opposite characteristics of their gender.

In other words if a man isn’t fully developed in his masculine role, then the woman in the partnership is forced to take on and act out the masculine traits that her partner isn’t owning. On the other hand, when a woman is over-expressing masculine characteristics, then the man is forced to become more effeminate and to under-express his masculine characteristics.

This can show up as a lack of male productivity – resulting in a lower than normal self-worth and a low income. For a man, his self-esteem is directly connected to his sense of productivity.

So if you want to disempower a man, make him feel unproductive. If you want to disempower a woman, make her feel ugly.

The basic masculine and feminine characteristics or qualities are as follows:

Masculine Qualities Feminine Qualities
  1. Achievement
  2. Acquisition
  3. Action
  4. Assertive
  5. Competitive
  6. Control
  7. Courage
  8. Dominance
  9. Drive
  10. Force
  11. Goal-oriented
  12. Identity
  13. Intellectual
  14. Logic
  15. Motivation
  16. Productive
  17. Protection
  18. Reasoning
  19. Solution-oriented
  20. Strength
  21. Systematic
  1. Accepting
  2. Attraction
  3. Beauty
  4. Caring
  5. Connection
  6. Cooperative
  7. Creativity
  8. Empathy
  9. Experiential
  10. Flexibility
  11. Inspiration
  12. Nurture
  13. Perceptive
  14. Receptive
  15. Retreat
  16. Sensitive
  17. Sensuality
  18. Softness
  19. Spontaneity
  20. Supportive
  21. Tenderness

To the extent that a person is missing or overdeveloped in any of these qualities, they will draw partners to themselves who play right into their plot!

So the first key to escape this scenario is to look at which of the masculine and feminine characteristics you have developed and are able to express – and which are underdeveloped and unexpressed in you.

The second key is to look at which of the masculine and feminine characteristics your partner has developed and are able to express – and which are underdeveloped and unexpressed in them.

For example, if both partners are overly competitive – then you will have a partnership that is combative, argumentative and constantly challenging. The solution in this example is not for the man to win the competition, or to back down. This will only lead to a lack of productivity. The most effective solution would be for the woman to stop being competitive with the man, and to focus on supporting him to channel his competitive spirit into an appropriate expression that benefits the partnership.

This is not to say that the woman should not be competitive, or that the man should not be supportive of her competitive expression. What we are saying is that in the partnership, they should not compete with each other!

And finally, if a man is getting all his needs met, is productive, expressive, and the woman is not getting her needs met, she will either shut down sexually, or become nagging and controlling. A healthy balance of masculine and feminine characteristics in both partners, with each partner expressing the characteristics of their gender, is the only way to develop and sustain a fulfilling, productive and rewarding partnership.

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Your Primary Relationship Sets the Tone

Your primary relationship influences and often sets the tone for all other relationships in life… at work, partners, friends, clients, etc. IT ALSO DETERMINES HOW SUCCESSFUL YOU ARE FINANCIALLY. Most people don’t realize that the quality of their relationships = the quality of their lives. There is a direct correlation between a person’s level of happiness, success, financial prosperity, overall well-being and their primary relationship…