Optimum Living


Optimum Living refers to a way of life that that is integrated and holistic, making all areas important and not sacrificing one area for another.

Most people believe that optimum is not possible and often think in terms of balance vs imbalance. Optimum is a different way of thinking that looks for the most ideal scenario, the most sustainable. Not necessarily the maximum. Sure you can drive a car at maximum speed but how long would the engine last? Optimum refers to the maximum speed that you can drive at on a sustainable, long term basis.

For example, you would make different decisions if you knew you would live to 140 vs if you thought you wouldn’t make it past 75. Optimum thinking takes the context into account and focuses on the most sustainable flow.

Consider the possibilities:

Deep meaningful relationships, love, connection and intimacy, vital and regenerative health, expanding assets, increasing income, wealth and money in abundance, creative and inspired self-expression, a career that totally fulfills, business that adds value, vibrant energy and the time to enjoy what we love with the people we love.

For some this may seem impossible. Out of reach. A fantasy. We can assure you that it is possible, and this website is dedicated to share exactly how.

New articles, tips, ideas, thoughts, and comments are posted regularly to explore the 7 Most Vital Areas of Optimum Living:

  • RELATIONSHIPS… (the #1 area that impacts quality of life)
  • HEALTH… (long life, energy and vitality)
  • WEALTH… (improve your relationship to money)
  • CAREER… (fast-track to new opportunities and advancement)
  • SELF-EXPRESSION… (express yourself)
  • BUSINESS… (leverage your passion into a money-making machine)
  • LEADERSHIP… (it’s all about leadership)


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