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What Others Say About the
GOLDZONE Experience:

“The Goldzone Experience was truly an amazing experience. I didn’t think that I would feel so safe and be able to open up to other people. I learnt heaps about myself, which was very beneficial. I would highly recommend this Experience to others and would find it a little difficult to put the experience into words other than ‘You really won’t be disappointed.’ Anjou and Harrison are truly remarkable people and your life will not be the same after having met them, I know that mine isn’t and that is something to celebrate.”

Lesley Lightfoot – Australia

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“Extraordinary! I feel that the Experience was so up close and personal. I could feel the amount of effort that was put in and the sincerity and presence of your team. The Goldzone team helped me to understand your technology and supported me in bridging the GAP from my where I am now to where I want to be. It was just awesome! If you want a life transforming experience, go for the Goldzone Experience!”

Ong Jing Ying – Singapore

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“It’s a heart-felt experience. I’m very moved and touched by Anjou, Harrison, and the Goldzone Partners by your passion, vision and love for humanity.”

Lim Teck Yong – Singapore

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“I would definitely recommend this Experience! Its a key to the door of your heart, for you to discover your deeper self, understanding our own behaviors, actions, feelings, emotions, deep rooted beliefs, and how all these affect us and show up in the different parts of our life. I was able to really feel my heart, and to understand the GAP between my heart, mind and feelings. I am now able to support myself with the technologies made available and can move myself up to another level of awareness.”

Wayne Goh – Singapore

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“It’s a program of self discovery and not the ‘Ra-Ra’ kind of seminar that you only feel motivated for awhile… it’s a program that is close to you, close to your heart. It was a wonderful experience that helped me to discover my inner thoughts and feelings that I previously spent most of the time avoiding.”

Karen Lee Yun Fun – Singapore

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“The Goldzone Experience was the most life changing experience I have ever been too.

 I thought that Anjou was fantastic, warm and understood where people were at in their lives. Being there with people I already knew was also a bonus for me.

 I have already recommended the Experience to some people I treat with EFT. Although I have great success with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in clearing many problems that people have, I believe that the Goldzone Experience offers a more holistic approach to healing and helps expose the plots that we are playing out.”

Greg Hateley – Australia

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I would highly recommend this Experience to other seekers. It was a life-changing event for me and if anyone has a thirst for why their lives are the way they are, then this is the Experience for them. It’s uplifting and inspiring, like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I was totally unprepared for the amount of knowledge and awareness that I gained from this Experience. As the program worked itself to a close, I felt there was so much to do but at the same time, everything was possible because someone else had gone before.”

Karen Yin – Australia

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“I would say that the Goldzone Experience is designed to help people live life on a much deeper level, and will help you to find fulfillment, joy, purpose and energy in all areas of life. It’s profound, warm & fuzzy, energizing, just fantastic! It was a privilege to be there with such a wonderful group of people on a similar journey. It was enlightening – I learnt a lot about myself and how I relate to others.”

Leonie Davis – Australia

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“I would absolutely recommend the Goldzone Experience. It’s a must for anyone who is committed to changing their results in any area of life! You find out what the deep subconscious thought patterns and conditioning’s are that are stopping you from getting the results you are committed to achieve. It’s the missing link from Wealth Studies 101! I left the Experience with a much better understanding about myself, my relationship with my partner and a clear understanding of my conditioning and how that is affecting the results that are showing up in my life in the areas of relationships, love and wealth! Just having this awareness has helped me to improve and express myself better in my relationship and realize where the things I do and say are coming.”

Maria Webb – Australia

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“By the end of the Experience I fully appreciated the depth of the experience because of its spontaneity and the variety of powerful mediums that were used to impart the various messages. Most of the Experience was about huge validation for me – I have been involved in the metaphysical, for a while and so much of what I believe and have experienced was confirmed by Anjou – thank you!!!

 I feel reinforced that I am on the right path and the Experience has given me strength to further pursue the life I wish to live.”

Julie Rosenberg – Australia

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“The Goldzone Experience had a deep impact on me and had my full attention throughout all 3 days with fantastic presenters, high levels of energy, and great visual/audio support. I could listen to them all day and night! It is a necessary program for anyone who would like to reach their full potential in life, relationships and the business.

 The technology is fantastic for assisting you to learn faster and more effectively.

 You will never be the some person after the Experience and you will be able to observe the changes in yourself and others in a very positive way. Things will start unfolding for you when you apply and understand the strategies you have been taught.”

Bozena Slominski – Australia

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“I would definitely recommend the Goldzone Experience. I found it to be very challenging and extremely rewarding. The information was exactly what I was interested in learning about and the team was very supportive. It’s one of the best, if not the best thing I’ve ever attended.”

Chris Tarr – Australia

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“The Goldzone Experience is a very structural, insightful and a safe place to learn. My past experience in other seminar did not have a way to learn in the structural manner of the Experience, with the breakdown of characteristics, reasons, the flow, the why and understanding the measurement that I have been using.  

 It was very insightful, with scientific and statistical explanations and the experiences of the trainers and staff… it was a very rich experience for me.”

Lim Siang Meng – Singapore

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“I would recommend The Goldzone Experience. It’s better for the soul than anything I have done in the past 10 years.

 I don’t want to stop attending any Goldzone Seminars, lectures etc. It’s hard to describe what I have said about the Experience, but my work colleagues tell me I look like I have had a facelift in the past month or so… They say I look younger and can’t believe the stressed out look has gone.”

Cheryl Leckstrom – Australia

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“I would absolutely recommend this Experience. It’s a life changing experience with a combination of exciting information and an incredible environment that encourages learning and feeling. I was amazed with the ability of the presenter (Anjou) and the team to create an environment in which I felt totally accepted, supported and not judged.

 I found that the right environment really is essential for being open to the new ideas presented. I really let it all soak in this time, without writing many notes. I’ll be going back again to write some notes and to review the Experience again.”

Helen Hine – Australia

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“I was apprehensive at first, however Anjou did a great job in making it a safe environment for me to learn and explore inside myself, without invalidating my Christian faith. It was a great experience, and I have learned a lot about myself and how I can change my results in life.

 I would tell you that it’s a great way to learn how to get the results you want for your life, and will help you to realize why you aren’t doing what you know you should be doing, and why you are the way you are and what you can do to accept that completely, and then change the part of you that is ineffective.”

Kasia Thomson – Australia

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“The Goldzone Experience is a special, unique, pleasant, inspired, enlightening, fresh, personal program on human behavior that really helps to understand yourself, to accept what are you now and how to improve yourself in order to live fully inspired in this lifetime. The Experience was well organized with full video animation, music, pictures, plants & flowers, and a waterfall environment with a small manageable group.”

William Liew – Singapore

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“I was amazed at the turnout of the participants and all the dedication of the Goldzone team members for making the Experience possible.

 The audio/visuals are superb and I am left wondering where did you get the pictures?   I felt many different sensations; from my vision, hearing and body as the Experience progressed.

 It was amazing to observe Anjou and Harrison absorbing, sharing, provoking and surrendering to all the participant needs/questions with gusto and clarity.

 Meeting with new friends who are seeking the same goals, visions and answers was very enriching. I ‘m glad I took 3 days off from work to attend the Experience!”

Billy Syed – Singapore

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“I have benefited from the Goldzone Experience and this is not a seminar that will give you short term spurts of success, but will help you to change your life from the inside out and you will see the benefits not only now but also into the future.

 It was enlightening and gave me a clearer picture of what was really going on in my life, both on a personal level as well as in my career.”

Bibi Haneeza Bte Said Akbar – Singapore

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