Who Do You Trust?

  1. A belief in the reliability, safety, truth, or ability of someone or something.
  2. To believe that someone is honest, good and will not harm you.

We have all had our trust betrayed and our hearts broken. It hurts! If we decide no one is trustworthy, we build a wall or shell around our hearts and refuse to let people in. This makes us skeptical, hard, miserable. Alternatively, when we feel our hurt, let it go and realize that some people are worthy of trust and some are not, we then can remain open and flexible.

Yes, we will get hurt again. If we learn from the experience, we become better judges of character.

In this video, Anya and Gael, two acrobats from Cirque du Soleil physically demonstrate TRUST. This is mesmerizing!

Here is the transcript:


Alya and Gael have to trust each other. As acrobats in Cirque du Soleil, they sometimes literally put their lives in someone else’s hands.

Trust is a confusing thing. It seems so simple, but when you try and pin it down, it can be illusive. I think of the way that my body sits on a surface that’s new to me, unknown, and how my muscles remain tight, anticipating anything and I’m constantly aware of that surface. Over time, with familiarity, I can relax and start to lean back. For many of us, that initial tension exists so much of the time. We expend so much energy watching and calculating, trying to predict, reading signals in people, ready for anything to change suddenly, preparing to be disappointed – so much energy spent.

For many of us, that initial tension exists so much of the time. We expend so much energy watching and calculating, trying to predict, reading signals in people, ready for anything to change suddenly, preparing to be disappointed – so much energy spent.

We talk about trust as something we build as if it’s a structure or a thing, but in that building, there seems to be something about letting go.

And what it affords us is a luxury. It allows us to stop thinking, to stop worrying that someone won’t catch us if we fall, to stop constantly scanning for inconsistencies, to stop wondering how other people act when they’re not in our presence. It allows us to relax a part of our minds so that we can focus on what’s in front of us, and that’s why it’s such a tragedy when it’s broken.

A betrayal can make you think of all the other betrayals that are waiting for you and things you haven’t thought of and people you rely on. And you can feel yourself tightening up, bracing; and in the worst cases, you might resolve to trust no one.

But that doesn’t really work.

Trust is your relationship to the unknown, what you can’t control. And you can’t control everything.

And it’s not all or none. It’s a slow and steady practice of learning about the capacity of the world. And it’s worth it to keep trying. And it’s not easy.

Alya says that trust is like a fork – not one way, but many ways: physical, emotional, and maybe something else.

I almost imagine trust as these invisible hands that we stretch out into the world, looking for something to hold onto as we walk into the unknown future.

Alya and Gael began practicing together as friends and now they are a couple. It took time.

So, who do you trust and how can you grow it?

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How Much Did They Pay You to Give Up on Your DREAMS?

Dreams. We all have them. When we were children our heads were full of possibility, dreams and fantasies. Most of us knew no limits, other than what we were told we could or could not do.

As we got older our conditioning from family, friends, society and school brought us down to reality, to what was practical and reasonable. Many of us embarked on careers, expecting them to last a lifetime only to discover that times had changed and we had to change too or become obsolete.

We sold out on our dreams. The fantasy died and along with it, our imagination, hope, and excitement about the future.

Most people spend so much time earning a living that they are too tired and exhausted to think about what they really want in their heart-of-hearts. We accept quiet lives of desperation, boredom and drudgery.

Enough! Go back to the dreams you had as a child and set them on fire. Chase them with vigour. Dream of things impossible and in the process, you will find others moved by the same passion to share the journey with.

Make your passion your life’s work. Build your source of income around what you love. Include the people you love to spend time with. Spend less time with assholes who only drive you crazy. Design a life that is worth living.

This short clip is from the 2009 movie “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney. George’s character is delivering bad news about a layoff…

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VIDEO > Honesty

For some people this video would be confronting. For others it is cathartic… Film by Mark Pellington – David Whyte essay – Music by Jeff Rona.

Mark Pellington’s words say it best:

“This film was made by me as an exercise in process, to explore my own progress and personal feelings towards loss, grief, and healing. Via this text. My instinct was to be very simple and direct and to understand these words, via catharsis. The conduit was human, the face. The unlying veneer, the carrier of instinct. The face. It evokes the range of emotional expression and human truth of strangers. They all listened to it one time and brought their own inner stories to you the viewer. For you to feel your own. David’s Whyte words inspired this all. Kudos to the cast, Michael Sanford casting, Jeff Rona’s music and Matt Roe’s wonderful images.”

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MOVIE > The Giver

Set in the year 2048, after a war, the community elders thought it was a good idea to remove all race, emotions and as many differences as possible.

Hmmmm… sounds like removing many of the very qualities that make us human!

Before watching this movie I had never heard of the book that it is based on… I was looking for a movie to watch one evening and stumbled on it in iTunes.

Filled with A-List actors this movie delivers. I totally loved it! My most profound takeaway is that no matter how well intentioned people are, in their “infinite wisdom” by removing what makes us human in order to make us “safer” they create a new set of horrors. This manifests as good people engaging in unspeakable acts without even realizing it.

This has me thinking about certain people and cultures that find emotions so difficult to handle that they suppress, cover up and deny them… in the end lacking feelings, perhaps most importantly lacking empathy for the suffering of others…

It is the full range of emotions from the depths of sadness to the highs of joy and ecstasy that has us being fully alive…

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Do Something For Someone Else: 100% of Your Clients Are People

Gotta love this video about fulfillment and doing things for others… 100% of your clients are people… 100% of your colleagues are people… 100% of your friends are people… sounds obvious but most people forget! How is that possible?

Fulfillment | Electrik.co from Electrik on Vimeo.

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FREE WILL > Are We Actually Making Our Own Decisions?

Recent research into how we make decisions reveals some startling findings that a brain scan can predict what we will choose 6 seconds before we consciously make the decision. So does that mean we are making most of our decisions unconsciously? You decide…

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MOVIE > Before Midnight

This movie is about a couple in their forties, married with two daughters and a son (from a previous marriage). While in Greece on vacation they are looking for a night of passion and romance… instead they find themselves engaged in a tense debate about the past, present, future; family, romance, love and infidelity.

This story clearly depicts many peoples common experience. In their fighting there are a lot of hurtful, rude and inconsiderate things said to each other – which adds to the feeling of distance and disconnection.

How differently this story would be if this couple had some basic relationship and communications skills that would facilitate some real sharing, listening and understanding.

Many couples break up over some of the most basic and easy to fix things… consider an alternative scenario where the couple actually talk and share their feelings and reach a new level of connection and intimacy all while enjoying the romantic environment of the southern Peloponnese?

The result? Lasting happiness!

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Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie is a few years old now (2006), however, it is as awesome as ever!

Based on the true story of Chris Gardener (played by Will Smith) who goes through a series of soul-sickening failures and defeats, missed opportunities and screw ups.  He manages to not let anything stop him… to not complain and let any considerations get in his way… in the end, he succeeds. Wow, very inspiring.

Movie: Extraordinary Measures

This is an awesome movie and an excellent example of leadership in action.  Inspired by true events…

The story starts with John Crowley (Brendan Fraser) whose two young kids have a deadly disease called Pompa. They are not expected to live longer than a year or two at the most. Heartbreaking… But John decides to do something about it.  He goes to see a doctor and scientist named Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford) whose research about the disease could be helpful.

In the end, John helps Stonehill finance his research, in hopes of making a cure…

The question of leadership is that often times it is real life situations that demand that we step up to take the lead on something – rather than wait for someone else to do something about it.

Movie: Flash of Genius

This is an exceptional movie with an awesome cast.  “Flash of Genius” tells the story of one man whose fight to receive recognition for his ingenuity would come at a heavy price.  Nobody thought he could win.  He becomes obsessed with justice and the conviction that his life’s work be acknowledged by those who stood to benefit.

This movie is about standing up for yourself – even though you may be the only one who believes in you and your mission.  This movie is also about justice and the price you may have to pay to get it.

Movie: Notes on a Scandal

This British movie is about deception, betrayal and delusion. Superb acting, however, if you watch this movie from an educational point-of-view you will learn a lot about how some people can be deluded and the lengths they can go to for their sinister purposes (in this case, possession).

The victim in this movie is seduced and manipulated through her weakness and the cost is oh-so-high!

Movie: Shattered Glass

This 2003 movie will leave you stunned by the number of lies and cover-ups that Stephen Glass engaged in during his career as a reporter. The film is based on real events and also captures the high-pressure world of national political journalism.

Stephen is likable, friendly and very polite. The ultimate co-worker who remembers everyone’s birthday knows how everyone takes their coffee and is so self-deprecatingly sweet that when things start unraveling you feel sorry for him. Despite his audacious lies and deceits, you like him and wonder why everyone is being so mean. Stephen walks the fine line between good and evil so well, you watch in amazement. You feel sorry for him, you’re repulsed by him, you’re embarrassed for him…

However, he fabricated over 20 stories, invented sources, locations, times, dates, and companies. Wow!

From an educational-point-of-view, this movie may highlight some of the people you know and work with and what can be behind those seemingly innocent smiles…

Movie: Doubt

Based on the Pulitzer Prize Winning Play, this 2008 movie is amazingly well-acted with quite the twist. Addressing the question of how far you should go to confront villains and perpetrators in order to protect the innocent, this movie is riveting and profoundly disturbing at the same time.

The confrontation is between the fierce and feisty head teacher (Meryl Streep) and the feminine and progressive head priest, Father Brendan Flynn (Phillip Seymor Hoffman), who is, in fact, a child-exploiting pedophile.

Full of hidden messages and dire warnings… worth more than one viewing…

Movie: Othello

Venice, 1570.  This movie is about jealousy, betrayal and the scheming manipulations of Iago… who is supposed to be a close friend and trusted advisor to Othello.

This 1995 film is an intense adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy about the Moorish general who “loved not wisely, but too well” – and so is duped by his evil aide into thinking that his wife has been unfaithful. As war between Venetians and the Turks rages, Othello weds the beautiful Desdemona and promotes Cassio over his longtime assistant, Iago. Othello prepares to celebrate his marriage, but Iago – insanely jealous over Othello’s snub – has dastardly plans in store.

Iago begins to poison Othello’s mind against Desdemona, claiming that she’s having an affair with Cassio; he even manages to produce “proof” of the infidelity. It doesn’t take long for the jealous general to start believing Iago’s allegations, and he winds up on the path of destruction and gives into his “dark side” which is perhaps the most chilling aspect of the movie.

Very educational and will have you thinking twice about some people’s intentions and actions…


This video is very well done. I.O.U.S.A. boldly examines the rapidly growing national debt and its consequences for the United States and its citizens. The graphics are awesome and the content is very well presented. The full version is available (highly recommended) on DVD from PBS.

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What Is the Credit Crisis?

Check out the below video about the credit crisis, what caused it, how it is escalating and what the connection is between house owners, brokers, bankers and Wall Street.

Even if you understand the dynamics of the crisis, this video can help you to explain it clearly to others.