MOVIE > Before Midnight

This movie is about a couple in their forties, married with two daughters and a son (from a previous marriage). While in Greece on vacation they are looking for a night of passion and romance… instead they find themselves engaged in a tense debate about the past, present, future; family, romance, love and infidelity.

This story clearly depicts many peoples common experience. In their fighting there are a lot of hurtful, rude and inconsiderate things said to each other – which adds to the feeling of distance and disconnection.

How differently this story would be if this couple had some basic relationship and communications skills that would facilitate some real sharing, listening and understanding.

Many couples break up over some of the most basic and easy to fix things… consider an alternative scenario where the couple actually talk and share their feelings and reach a new level of connection and intimacy all while enjoying the romantic environment of the southern Peloponnese?

The result? Lasting happiness!

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Movie: Extraordinary Measures

This is an awesome movie and an excellent example of leadership in action.  Inspired by true events…

The story starts with John Crowley (Brendan Fraser) whose two young kids have a deadly disease called Pompa. They are not expected to live longer than a year or two at the most. Heartbreaking… But John decides to do something about it.  He goes to see a doctor and scientist named Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford) whose research about the disease could be helpful.

In the end, John helps Stonehill finance his research, in hopes of making a cure…

The question of leadership is that often times it is real life situations that demand that we step up to take the lead on something – rather than wait for someone else to do something about it.